Monday, February 15, 2010

Fish Paste

So Die Antwoord came out with a new track Fish Paste Its pretty crazy Track .
Last week some swell pushed through to our local shores and we had some fun waves .... A small fun Wedging shore break Filled with many nasty things that awaited us .

Hugo Enjoying the spoils.

Mik on a sick One at the Point
Melt Busting quite a dandy flip .

Finding a fatty during the end.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gyro Pita

And once again caves came to the rescue and saved me from possibly committing suicide after all the bad swell lately. Waves were super fun and the sections were good. The only problem was the crowd. The capetown crew pull in again and claimed priority but nevertheless still got good waves and a good surf.

A couple of photos

Unidentified flying object

These waves were plenty

Simon Heale with a fatty

Mark Clark

Friday, February 12, 2010


Have not been boogieing much lately. winds have been bad and the 1st good swell was yesterday. The waves were good but besides that there hasn't been much swell. The weekend doesn't look to promising and will probably be visiting the reef again. Hoping for some good swell to come and save me from this small-ness-ness.

Some random photos that tickle my pickle

next level shit

Die skip is in die baai

May I have some wine

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Left Of Dassies

Hello So the day started off pretty good , Vlooi found a dead Dassie and we claimed it and started walking around with it and people thought it was alive , we ended up straightening its feet so it looked alive and the people felll for it as it also had an evil smerk on its mouth still.

Here are some pix of Lefts as that is all we had yesterday.

Caves Producing some enjoy full Lefts.

Sucking rather nicely
Berns on a left.
Melt Free surfing

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boland Trial 2

Boland trial 2 went underway yesterday. The trial was surfed at silversands in not the greatest conditions. 1st heat was promising, won it by far, but got killed in my semi-final heat.

Overall it was a good day and i have sand in literally ever crack in my body,

some pics:

Mafoos ARS in 1st pro heat

Melt still amazes me with his spins

Tristan the young ripper sick revo

Friday, February 5, 2010


Been getting good waves lately including today that has made me realize how good Boland is. So much potential and fun reef breaks. Boland trial number 2 is going down tomorrow giving me something to look forward too.

I will update blog by sunday with latest news and photos of how the shit went down.

Until then some photos

Local knowledge is helpful in situations when waves like this are up for grabs

A more known wave caves. Super dandy wedge

Caves on a nice offshore

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

whose that dude sleeping with your girlfriend

Mickey Avalon is the shit. Believe it

Surfed super good caves today pretty much alone. There was only 3 of us at the backline and the waves were just too good to sit behind the lens a shoot so I surfed. Like a champ.

Got boland trials again this weekend so getting ready for that.

Some shots from today that just dont justify it.

This wasn't even a good one

Jacob on a cracker

This is the usual get-home-quick-routine

Lone solider

Boogie man