Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ronson (Universal Gas Lighter)

Oi oi oi

Fuck my knee

Fuck it hard

Missioned with poen 2day to get some rather bouncy crushing waves
was interesting after everyone of his waves he looked back to see if i got a photo, kids these days
But all in all was a good day, even if we disscused that shot little timber merchants dude and coen ranting about female parts :)


Friday, June 12, 2009


Kawshiorkor! This is my first post and i feel the need to express todays incident; Doug Stanley as you all know as Mr"Pink eye" was quite in a pickle today. See we were all crammed into his super charged golf, hells! 6 of us! we got stoped at a road block and stanley immediately slipped and unknown package into his well, package. He handled it super smooth as the cop whom was on a spree checked his drivers license, he then asked doug to step out the car, Doug who is normally quite red faced was now as red as the devil himself, the cop sent his hounds to search the car for drugs and found none, they then turned to dougs crotch and was going ape-shit on it , barking, howling , some passed out! Doug whom couldn't go more red said to the cope, "So what I didn't wash it for a week now, sue me!" telling by the cops reaction he was utterly disgusted and replied "Sies man!! i don't want to here about your dirty pele boy!!" he then whipped out his baton and beat Doug into total submission, with doug out the picture we enjoyed a mighty fine day of surf!

don't get me wrong Doug is Awesome!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uncle Johno

Uncle Johno Keep in mind he is only 18 years of age .. the beard makes him look pretty much older and legal from having children but not with under aged girls ( i strongly dissagree)

Hello all Blogateers latest word broke out that Johnathon Mellish has in-pregnated a Gr10 girl ! Is this true can this be the true Johnno ? It all went down like this he and she was intoxicated she slip in to the revearse cow girl position and it was all on from there ! or is this perhaps just a myth i have been posted theese pix from his so called wife!

This is the pic i was informed with u can see that there kid looks just like his father johno ; eyes, nose ,mouth ! once again can this be true or just another scam !

Greenways reef

Greenways is a pretty solid place of home, it has most things, golfcourse, swimming pool, tennis courts and is pretty safe....... but wait its missing something .... WAVES .. It is so close to the sea but not much potential. I have been living here for 16 years now and it only came to thought recently to try the wave out. So today was the day, got out the car feeling like a beast after taking my science exam down, look at the ocean and it was on !!!!! To people out already which is a pretty rare sight seeing as it is a secret spot sort of and is not really visible from the road. So me and my bro put on our wetsuits and as we get to the beach and start putting our fins on out come the two people thats we saw from our house . We were so amped so just went in anyway, After paddling about 30min we eventually get to the back and are greeted by grinding sets that almost made me quiet but after alot of perseverance we made it . Sitting 80 meters out at see on a rock ledge shared with fisherman can generate quite a bit of paranoia. Its actually a crap sick wave. A sick bowl comes through that offers a very long right that throws a sick barrel, or a nice right that barrels and throws a nice closeout section over the shallow reef. Didnt get any action shots but took some photos after I got out of the water.

Fisherman that share the reef with us

View of the wave from my house

View of a nice one that came through

Little Cunts

Little Johno making bang noises on the beach, with foos trying things that seem difficult to land

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Stanley driving home super relaxed! and his eyes heeling
Stanley jamming to th sweet tunes of DIE ANTWOORD.

This guy named stanely.... man he teaches me about the dynamics of poo particles on towls and blames it on innocent girls!!!!!!!!! MELTS point of view.

I arrive at caves with no lift home see Ralk-Stanly doing some hardcore doughnuts in the parking lot! and us cheering him on as we mission down i pop the question to him Djy larnie swing me a lift home hes gives me the thumbs up!!!!!!
as we get in he tells us his life time stories STANLY"S storie( yah hey i stayed over at theese chix at Betty's bay and forgot my towel i then borrowed this chicks who i cannot mention. . . he then borrows her towel and dry's his face what he did not now was that there were tiny POOH particles on that piece of towel and and WOKE up the next moring with PINK EYE in both eye's as he told his friends they laughed at him with no respect and roamed the next couple of days telling his friens he's high from smoking TIK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont get me wrong STANLEY is a good guy!


Depression is taking its toll ..... Science exam tomorrow and all that i can think about is caves caves caves ..... although I got my fair share of waves this weekend I am still craving a surf and knowing that caves is going off the whole week makes it hard to study. Fortunately for me exams are coming to an end now and holidays are drawing nearer and we will without a doubt be getting waves.

Just a screenshot of the swell, you can only imagine what caves is like on this swell

So I guess for now its just me and the science books until the weekend comes again and we can get waves and all be happy for the next few days.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Contribution from the Junker

Not boogieboarding for 2 weeks has made me a peacefull and hindu time person, not really, ive started tik and cutting cats.
Ok for realz ive stared taking photos, and i dig it, today was my second time shooting and got some better ones.
This blog is gonna get better, just need a proper sig and some pro pics, soon to come

Jandre testing his skills

Tomas introduction

Boland Local Andrew Smith

End it off with a baboon silhouette

Many more to come

The bay of mossels

Mossel bay, home to some pretty sick reefs and to a population of seals that bask on a rock all day. I have been there twice and scored some pretty sick waves both times. On my most recent trip I met with the reef while enjoying the waves in my shorty and got a gasher in the leg. I felt like a hero when I got out the water and everyone looked at the battle wound haha but it the pain struck in the days to follow and now I'm scarred for life ........ damn reef....... Anyway here are some photos of Mathew and myself.

Me flying after doing a large roll

Mathew having fun as always

Me just before my meeting with the rocks to discuss problems

Durban Poison

Shalom the first post on our blog ... and Kyle gets the first post on there as he automatically declared this is better than all of our pix! thanx to our home-dawg chris he hooked us up with some rather good amateur photographs, since he cant surf because he popped his need cap while busting a move on the dance floor! he has decided of taking a few snaps during his healing process!