Saturday, August 22, 2009


So what they not mine? im in them though and im sure the kind women who took the pics won't mind.

We had epic waves. Unfortunately the camera only focused on us for half an hour so didnt get many pics. enjoy

Chris-jan on a big one

Going underground

showing the kids

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hell yeah! Luckily for the sake of the blog I git a new camera recently and im pretty amped to start taking photos. I have been pretty sick lately so haven't had chance to take it on a trip to the ocean yet.........but I have been playing around with it a bit at home and have taken some fun photos.

When the money is flowing well again I think I am going to either buy a water housing, or a new zoom lense. So for the moment kids, I am going to be cropping my photos hahaha. Should work for now.

Anyway posts should start flying in soon seeing as there is now an extra camera. Hopefully my skills progress.

Just some pics

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Real life vintage

So this is how the shit went down:

15h00: Get home from Stellenbosch only to realize that it is completely blown out and my chance of getiing waves is zero

15h30: After pondering I decide to roam the streets of Greenways on my tri-cycle

16h00: Find a awesome golf tee-off and try ramp it 16h10: After being spotted by one of the elders I am forced to make a getaway

16h30: Find a log and decide to construct my own ramp

16h45: After rolling awkwardly sized log I am spotted by one of the others and confronted with wise words. I decided to be stubborn and was commanded to return the log to its home and my idea to build a log ramp was crushed. Now i sit at home and eat

I strongly advise some anger-management for these tortoise-like people

Anyway the weekend is drawing closer and I will be able to surf my sorrows away. Hoping for good waves tomorrow at a friendly wave known as bikini.

Gunning for the beach in hope of safety

Bikini backline looking tasty